SHOW 019: Why does Zach run from Women?

Why does guest Zach keep dating they same kind of woman?



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On this episode, Zach, a random guy with serious dating issues, drops by to tell Kirk and Mike what’s on his mind.

Mike and Kirk are slammed by the hard hammer of Zach’s vitriol and bitterness about dating! Whoooa! Easy there, Cowboy.  The guys were stunned by his choice in relationships. Yo, Zach… if you keep chasing the same type of women, the same trouble is going to come up in the relationship. Mike and Kirk vote for you to drop that particular notion of the ideal woman… if you want a real relationship.

What is he so afraid of? Why is he so damn worked up and fearful about dating?  Plus, you won’t believe what type of women he is attracted to physically!

Hold on tight because this rollicking rant is going to be pretty eye-opening.  Oh, and please remember Kirk and Mike love women and have a soft spot for love songs and tenderness!

A little too much caffeine there, Zach? Mon Dieu, you’re like the Kafka version of casanova.