SHOW 020: Polyamory. A whole lot of love

The Polyamory episode – Lotsa love



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Polyamory – relationships with multiple partners who have multiple partners

In this podcast, Mike is away. Kirk has a polyamorist guest (photo below) and together they delve into questions about how clear are relationship boundaries? What does it mean to have 4 regular girlfriends who each have other boyfriends and so on… and so on… and so on… ?

Where does one relationship start and another begin when multiple partners are involved? And what the hell is a BLT Party? Well, the “L” stands for lingerie and we guarantee you will never guess what the other letters stand for. Tune in to find out.



Meet Conly, A Fly On The Wall’s resident polyamorist

Even the New York Times is reporting on this emerging cultural shift. Read the NY Times article about polyamorous couples by clicking here.