SHOW 005: Yikes – Personal hygiene nightmare

Personal hygiene nightmare. Trouble with 1-night stands. Bad kissing



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Mike’s former girlfriend has a serious problem: Halitosis! But damn she is so cute otherwise. Or is she? It turns out that the horror is actually emanating from her very soul. Can you say relationship killer?

Kirk reveals an unbelievable secret about past one-night stands. And his cosmopolitan pen pal girl “friend” from Philadelphia ends up actually questioning his manlihood. Mr. Johnson?

What’s the perfect romantic weekend get-away? Do guys have a single romantic bone in their bodies? Is Mike flying to Paris for a little romance?

In our “Ask A Guy” segment, Kristen wonders… when a relationship starts out, is a girl considered loose if she invites the guy to her house to spend the night, or should she go to his house?

And what’s with bad kissers? Do guys even care about kissing, bad or otherwise?