Fun Relationship Videos

Fun videos about sex and relationships

Fun relationship, dating, sex, and romance video clips.  We are not affiliated with these, but still think they are great for a little coffee break!

Complete strangers kiss and it’s awkwardly sweet!

Here’s the world’s greatest marriage proposal in the history of the world!

Here’s the best chocolate commercial ever (if you are a straight guy or a girl who likes girls). Fantastic photography. You gotta love those chocolate kisses.

For anyone with a boot fetish, there is nothing like seeing a whole commercial of Kate Moss strutting her stuff in all kinds of high boots!

Here’s a little ditty from relationship filmmaker Daniel Johnson.

Here’s the classic Chris Isaak “Wicked Game” video that is on everyone’s top 10 sexiest video list:

Here’s one that was banned because it features a very beautiful woman having an orgasm.

After a one-night stand, things go terribly wrong for a sexy woman who is left alone in an unfamiliar apartment.

One of the sexiest commercials ever. It is steamy and funny at the same time. Italian women are so sexy!

A video clip of a sensual woman in lingerie who is the object of desire.

Sometimes a beautiful girl and work just don’t mix.

Lesbian bondage car commercial. No wonder it was banned in the country of origin!

“Secretary” with Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of the sexiest movies ever… if you like a little kink and a stiff spanking to spice things up in your relationship.

Spring Break (1983) starring Penthouse Playmate covergirl Corrine Alphen was a movie that hit Kirk back in the day as one of the hottest girls on the planet. The clip shows her as hot as ever!


If you are ever feeling stuck in your dating prospects and losing hope, play this video about 10 times back to back and all the hope will come back to you and push you to a great place. It’s the Ryan Montbleau Band and the most hopeful song ever: “I Can’t Wait”. Go Ryan Montbleau!!