SHOW 006: Oh boy- Truth about bachelor parties

Meet the parents. Strip clubs, bachelor parties.



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Kirk takes a back seat to Mike in this show in order to hear all about his trip to Chicago and his history with bachelor parties, strippers and good old monogamy.

Mike just returned from a trip to Chicago with his newest girlfriend, Jenny. It was time to meet the parents and family. Did she return to Los Angeles with a ring on her finger? Is it time to throw him a bachelor party?

And what’s with bachelor parties? What do guys think about them? What does the groom-to-be think about when a stripper is giving him a lap dance. Is he pretending the stripper is his fiance?

Mike reveals exactly what went on behind closed doors in three separate bachelor parties.


What kind of guys go to strip clubs and what do they have to prove? Is Kirk taking his wife, Pamela to a strip joint? Will Pamela go willingly? Or is Pamela the one who is dragging Kirk kicking and screaming to the nudie bar?

Don’t miss Mike’s wild ride on a segway scooter!

Somebody slap this woman!