SHOW 008: Yes! A real girl in the studio!

A real girl in the studio! Men and Women at the office. Tattoos?



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This episode covers a lot of ground, touching on relationships, sex, body art, sexual harassment, and lots of laughs.

Mike and Kirk traded the “Ask A Guy” segment for a whole show featuring a real live girl guest. Sloan Taylor, just a girl living in the world, joins the boys to single-handedly represent her sisterhood. But actually, it kind of seems like the two single folks ganging up on the poor married guy.

Having recently been dumped on myspace by her boyfriend, she is full of vim on the subject of working with men and their one-track minds.

And Sloan just loves climbing up a tall ladder wearing a short skirt!

Later in the show, Mike asks her the age old question “Does size matter?” Kirk is really surprised by her answer.

And how naive is Kirk that he thinks a stripper and a hooker are the same thing?

Also, how much grooming should guys do? Do hairy chests turn women on… or off? What about back hair?

And finally, do guys appreciate a tattoo on a woman? What about 100 tattoos? Do women appreciate guys with ink? What about when the relationship ends? Piercings and nose rings anyone?

In fact, right after this show was recorded, Sloan went down to get her very first tattoo!

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