SHOW 010: Oo-La La! Fashion fetish or faux pas

The Fashion Show – Fetish or Faux Pas? The Guys as Fashion Critics.

Girls, take a seat, this is the MUST episode about fashion! What is the sexiest outfit a woman can wear (and no, we don’t just mean lingerie)?

But seriously, do guys really like the slutty look or are they actually attracted to more conservative girls?

What outfits really turn guys off in a hurry? What tops do all men hate? Thigh high boots anyone?

Vintage thigh boots

For guys,  that’s one hell of an outfit. Or is it?

Starting from the top with hats, the guys work their way down every stitch of the wardrobe all the way down to the pointy tip of the pumps.

Scarfs anyone? Shoulder-Length gloves?

What’s the secret footwear that is a guaranteed aphrodisiac for every man? Do guys like when a woman dresses up like call girl?  What about a hooker?

You gotta tune in for the whole dope..

Plus, Mike and Kirk drop all kinds of great advice about outfits for pregnant women.

Kirk is ga-ga over a new album from musician, Eleni Mandell. She’s a torchy, lounge singer who seems to come from some by-gone era. Her lyrics feel country, yet her music ranges from ethereal to bouncy 40’s pop. And she just recorded two new songs in French, so Kirk is doubly happy! Oui, Oui.

And if you want to see the best and classiest fashion blog ever, check out Kirk’s favorite blog called “Personal Style” at:

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