SHOW 011: Mom? Are you in my relationship?

Women mothering guys. Dating a 1-armed Pamela Anderson. Relationships with little people.



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This episode was kind of all over the place, but here are the important questions the guys tried to answer in their ridiculous guy ways:

Why are guys intimidated by women with serious money? Wait a sec, are guys, in fact, intimidated by powerful women? Second banana anyone?

Mom, are you in the relationship? Do guys really need their girlfriend or wife to mother them… or is that just the girl’s perspective?

Then, the guys really expose their deepest shallow side with a wacky discussion of exactly how sexy little people can be.

Oh yeah, and girls… make sure you check out Kirk’s special tip about the best way to protect yourself at night!

Special thanks to our “Ask A Guy” girls Tina, Debbie, and Shelby.