SHOW 015: Guys open up to their hair stylist

Love at the barbershop. Or not. What do men talk about to women who cut their hair?



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Relationships with hair. Love on a razor’s edge. Mike and Kirk thought it would be fun and informative to head out to Kirk’s local barbershop, beauty parlor, salon (or whatever it’s called) to get inside the heads of two beautiful women who spend their day cutting men’s hair in Los Angeles.

Heather and Andrea, two attractive salon chicks, share what goes down in the hair chair. Who hits on them? What do guys reveal while getting a buzz? Who gives better tips, rich guys, artists or gay guys?

Andrea is the sexy, young sex-kitten type (think Pamela Anderson at age 22) who has a world of relationships ahead of her. Heather, her boss, is the ultimate young milf who knows a thing or two about the way guys minds work… and how to get exactly what you want from them. After having been a hair stylist for more than 10 y ears, Heather has pretty much seen it all.
Tune in to this episode of A FLY ON THE WALL, to learn why guys don’t pick up their socks. Will they ever pick them up? Is there a way to get them to do it? The girls have very different ideas about what this means in a relationship.

This episode offers plenty of tips and pointers on relationships, women, dating, and how to make guys put away the pasta.