SHOW 016: Is marriage really worth it?

Married life



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Guest host Jack McGee is one of the worlds’ most working actors whose name nobody knows. Check out his credits by clicking here.




Actor Jack McGee sits with Kirk in the studio as Guest host while Mike is shooting on location in Dallas. Jack and Kirk try to sort out a major question on the minds of a lot of men and women: Is marriage really the holy grail of relationships? Or does it suck? Tune in and you’ll hear these two happily married guys talk about what makes a marriage work, what doesn’t , and what is a marriage really like on a day to day basis. The guys tackle issues about married life and relationships such as:

How much do people need to have in common for a marriage to work?

If opposites attract, can they make a good marriage?

What if the “Bread Winner” loses his/her job?

Are there any real benefits to being married? Why not just live together?

How important is sex in a marriage?

Do married people have more problems with alcoholism?

And finally, are married people more overweight than single people?


Oh, and you’re going to need a cake that matches your relationship:

Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about.

We hope you’ll give a listen. Mike will be back in the next episode.