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It’s guys with one thing on their minds

Kirk (Northern California) is a happily married guy with two kids and a dog. He’s a prime mover, a surfer, entrepreneur, and quiche eater… balanced by a bit of a dark side. Oh yeah, and he always cries at weddings.

Mike (L.A.) is your all-american football-watching girl-magnet whose passion and career is the movie business. He currently works as a producer on reality TV. He’s handsome and single and has been known to sport a kilt on St. Patrick’s day.

John (L.A.) is your classic, single, night-owl, musician dude. Living and working in the music scene in Hollywood, he has seen his share of interesting women and situations and has loads of stories and observations about the female types.

Kirk and Mike have been best buds for more than 15 years and John and Kirk have been acquainted just about as long.These very different guys are finally sitting down to compare their notes on women and relationships. Subjects include romance, relationships, sex, flirting, dating, married life, single life, fashion, women in the workplace, family life, long hair, high heels, cat ladies, ball-busters, high school sweethearts, chivalry, feminism, and more!

Special guests drop by from time to time to weigh in.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what guys think about… and privately say about women, don’t miss this weekly show.

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